Hatha Yoga Poses: Five Simple Poses to Start With

Hatha has been around since the 15th century and up to now; they are still being practiced in order to help the body become physically fit. Hatha Yoga is considered to be a very forceful yoga activity that gives strength to both the muscles and joints thus resulting to a more flexible body as well as improving the blood circulation. It requires various activities and poses to examine the strength and flexibility of the body. In addition, Hatha Yoga poses are also done to improve respiration.

There are more than thirty Hatha Yoga Poses that are being taught and practiced by many Yoga masters. However, in every exercise, one must always be careful when executing each posture to prevent body aches and dislocations. If you want to begin your day with these yoga activities, there are five simple poses that you can do in the comforts of your home. Here they are:

Butterfly Pose – this Hatha Yoga pose is achieved through sitting down on the floor, bringing the sole and heels together as close as possible. It is crucial to sit upright and your knees should be able to feel the floor while at the same time not forgetting to relax your hips.

The Tree Pose – your fit should be one foot apart from each other when standing and with your arms, it should be straight up as the palms are facing each other. Also, this pose has your knee up and tailbone being tucked beneath.

• Child’s Pose – this is done through sitting on your heels, as well as by kneeling on the floor and your forehead should be touching the mat on the floor. With your hands, put them below your shoulders together with both of your fingers and palms facing upwards. Take note that this Hatha Yoga pose should be a relaxing posture, so ensure that your shoulders and head are relaxed.

• The Stomach Look – do this pose by standing wider than your hip and then bend your body forward while having a full breathe in and exhale out fully along with bending forward.

• The Diamond Pose – start by kneeling feet apart from each other. Ensure that your toes are flat while pointing to each other and apart from each other as well. The back should be straight while sitting and the tailbone should be tucked, as well as the shoulders should also be straight. You can put your hands either on your torso or thigh with your thumb pointed towards your back area.

Always put in mind that yoga is extremely beneficial to the body especially when it is being executed and performed in the right way. You should also not forget to do these Hatha Yoga poses with strict discipline because if not, you might end up seriously hurting yourself. The purpose of these poses is to help you improve not only your posture, but also your respiration. In addition, it will also make you more flexible. Nonetheless, it is also vital to ask for assistance or guide to a professional before doing such exercise especially when you are not really familiar with it.