Basic Yoga Poses that every beginner should be familiar with!

30 minutes a day with a Yoga Mat and a little exercise space can provide high relaxation and a straight path to greater health! Yoga fortifies three elements of your mind, namely, self-awareness, power and balance. This article is for those who have just hopped into the Yoga train and are wondering where to start.

The five basic types of yoga poses are given below along with instructions on how to attain them. Before you begin, go through the following conditions:

Begin with a little exercise. Pushing your body too hard on the first go can lead to an injury, therefore – make sure you start slowly and warm up.

Have a mentor, either a physical or virtual one to guide you through the basic yoga training. This will keep up your spirit and strengthen your foundation.

If you have a medical history, seek advice from your doctor on any required precautions.

The yoga poses begin with slow and deep breathing. It must be accompanies by concentration of the mind on the pose. Make sure you synchronize your body movements and breathing.
When and where? Early morning is the most appropriate time to practice yoga. If you wish to do it in the afternoon, ensure you are empty stomach and have no solid food 3.5 hours before and any liquid before 1 hour of the practice.

Do yoga for 30 to 45 minutes on a carpet or mat placed on the floor. Wear loose and comfortable clothes. During pregnancy and menstruation, woman should not practice yoga.

Yoga poses:

1.Mountain Pose – Tadasana
Take the position of a mountain and in this position, your heels root down, the bones are mounted with the shoulders over the hips, muscles of the legs are put into use, the tip of the head rises and the shoulder blades move down on the back.

2. Raised Arms Pose – Urdhva Hastansana
Inhale; raise your arms up and over your head. The main aim is to uphold the good alignment you set up in the Tadasana. Carry your arms out to the side and raise them up. Keep your arms straight while you press the palm together and reach the thumbs. Glide your shoulder blades down the back.

3. Lotus Pose – Padma Asana
Position yourself on the floor and stretch out your legs in the front. Turn your right knee and take hold of the right foot with both your hands. Place it over the left thigh and bring it closest to the nanel. Then, bend your left knee and grip your left foot. Place it over the left thigh and bring the heel close to the navel. Now, both the knees shouldbe on the ground and the soles of your feet will be pointing upward. The spine will be straight. You may alternate between the positions of your legs in intervals.

4. Wide Leg Forward Bend Pose – Prasarita Padotanasana
Step your right foot back with feet parallel to each other and shoulder apart from each other. Reach your hands to the waist and down to the floor. Lift your head and extend the spine. At this point, crown of the head reaches the floor. Lift your head and extend your spine. Hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds. Then, move your hands to the waist and lift it up with a straight spine.

5. Dead corpse pose – Shavasana
Spread your legs one to two feet apart. The tows should be turned outwards and the he heels facing each other at a proper distance from each other. Bring your arms away from the body while keeping the palms turned upward. Relax your neck and permit it to turn to the side if convenient. Close your eyes and focus the attention on the body. Breathe normally.

And remember – it requires only 30 minutes a day to complete all 5 exercises and you will see how fast your body is getting into the shape, usually beginners see the results on a second week of practicing basic Yoga poses!

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